Strategies to Help You Become a Culturally Responsive Teacher

07 Dec

It is important for a teacher to know what the cultures of his or her students entail as that will help him or her determine the best ways to ensure a responsive learning. However, there is more to that.  Due to immigration, schools tend to have students from different cultures; thus, culturally responsive teaching and learning practices are necessary.  Cultural responsive teaching makes it easy for teachers to capture the attention of their students.  There are several points on how to become an Otus teacher.

Dedicate your time to know your students.  It will be easier for you to engage them in a culturally responsive teaching if you know more about their academic performance, emotional state, and their relationships with different people. It is important to know their cultural backgrounds and how their families are. You can also know what they are always interested in.  Another way of knowing more about them can be through visiting them at their homes.  You can gain a lot of information by holding a cultural event.  You can know the different method that the students use to present themselves. After knowing, give them the necessary guidelines on how to present themselves effectively, without interfering with their cultures. Be sure to click here for more ideas.

It is not advisable to criticize your students.  Ensure that the students do not find it hard to ask questions.  A student should have nothing against another student's culture.  All students are not the same; hence, no student should provoke another due to such differences.  It is important that your students know how wrong it is to conclude something before making an evaluation. Often, a class will have some students who do not like to speak up; thus, you should offer encouragement to enable them to talk about what is happening around their world.

Let the students know that you believe in them and they can achieve their academic goals. Students tend to perform better when they receive some encouragement from their teacher. Remind them of how much you believe in them and this can be a great way to keep you happy. Do not forget undeserved students when designing your lessons.  Do not hide anything from the students and always show some care. Want to know more about education you may visit this website

When dealing with students, do not forget about your culture.  If your culture is different from that of the students, it is important to know the different ways of handling the attitudes that may arise in class.  When you understand your culture, you will have no problem with families that believe that there are some ways in which their children should be taught. There is no way you can have a good relationship with a family whose culture you cannot respect.

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